How do I stop Octoprint requiring login?


When I set up the Pi I put in a username. The problem with this is it requires to login before the printer will connect (or appears to).

I don't need the login as I am not planning to expose the printer to the internet. How do I turn it off? I know I could have done during setup and assumed it would be a tick box somewhere, alas I cannot figure out how.

OctoPrints suddenly requiring log ins

The login is for safety reasons.
Your web browser should have auto login capabilities - then it is no issue at all.
The same is for SSH access...


I don't need to worry about the login because I'm protecting it at the firewall. The challenge is that I start my printer which has the board on it then I try and print and of course it does not because I have to open the website (which takes ages) then login, then manually connect.

When you set it up you can opt out of this and I really didn't want to have to set it up again.


Take a look at the docs.


Perfect, many thanks for the help :slight_smile: