How many Mb/month I will need to run OctoPrint?

I will setup my Cr-10 v3 away from my home, so no wifi conection is available. I want to setup the raspberri with one cam for running octoprint and I supposed my best (and cheapest) solution will be a 4g modem with an "only data" phone card, but in order to choose an apropiate fare (as low as posible), I want to know how much data flow or how much data needs i will need.

Thanks in advance.

Well there that depends on a few things:
Do you want to keep the webcam stream running 24/7 or just check it occasionally?
Do you want a high webcam stream quality or is low res with low fps ok for you?

Good points, I want to use it mainly to check occasionally or to use the spagetti detective for automatic shutt off if failure. And if posible to put some kind of alarm to check if there is an anomaly with the temperatures, for safety concerns.

So i guess i don't need a quality cam at all.