How to access command line from Octoprint


I'm attempting to enable authentication through haproxy, but using octoprint is my first time with a raspberry pi, so I'm not sure where the command line is to access files. To be more specific I'm trying to run "sudo nano /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg". I have access to the server but do not see anywhere to enter commands unless I overlooked something.

I found this:
however, I still cannot find where to enter the commands.

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It can’t be done from the browser (at least not without first installing additional software). You have to log in to your raspberry pi over “ssh”, for example using “putty”.


If you have a monitor and keyboard, you can hook them onto the Pi and enter the commands in there if you do not have experience with SSH


@Scott_Rogers: So do you want to have access to the system of the Raspberry Pi or do you want remote control OctoPrint by command lines?

For the second one you may have a look into the documentation


I got it working with Putty, however I'll have to try it with a keyboard and monitor next time just to learn.
Thanks for the replies.