How to add wifi to RPi ziro

I have a RPi ziro without biult-in wifi and I want to add wifi to it by using wifi dongle . but when I connect my wifi dongle to RPi it doesn't works. I want to know how can I add wifi feature to my RPi ziro by using wifi dongle.

I have done this, but you have to make sure the dongle is compatible with raspian! I went through a couple of different ones before I found one that would work. Just because the marketing says it is compatible, doesn't make it necessarily so. But when you do find one, its just plug and play.

thank you. what is the dongles name that worked well with RPi ziro?

Well the thing is we need to now which chip the dongle uses and we probably can't help you with that if it's a noname dongle.

Do you have a second pi with integrated wifi/lan?
If yes boot it up, put the dongle in, run dmesg | tail -n 20 in ssh and post the output here.

I don't have a second pi with integrated wifi.

my dongle is 802.11n and it's chip is mt7601. is it compatible with RPi ziro?

did a quick search and found this info on the Adafruit site:
" External Adapters

Look for a WiFi adapter that supports the RTL8192cu chipset the latest Raspbian distributions both have support for this built-in. We have found its much faster than the Ralink chipsets"

As noted above, its the chipset that counts. I went though a couple of different ones before I got one that would work. Forget where I got them, but may have been off Amazon?

as far I can see yes - it's supported since kernel 4.2
but there are a lot of people that got issues with that chip or mediatek wifis in general.

My suggestion: either buy another sbc with integrated wifi (like a pi zero 2 w) or different realtek based wifi dongle as @Country_Bubba suggested.

Personally I can't recommend any chip, but the RTL8192cu is a pretty common one and should work fine.

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