How to change a WIFI Name and Password?

Hello everyone, I have a question here, I want to know how to change the WIFI name and password? It is best to have a complete coaching process. I'm in a hurry!I also recently read the tutorial for this article:, but I'm still confused.
Thanks in advance

Try this one:

Are you trying to change the name and password of your WiFi Network (so all devices on the network will have a different name and password to use to log on), or just the name and password your Pi (or other devices running OctoPrint) uses so it can get on your network with it's existing name and password?

If it's the latter, the link proviced by @Ewald_Ikemann will help.

If it's the whole network you want to change, that's a different story. How to do it varies depending on what Router you have. Look at your router brand and model and Google that brand & model along with change SSID or change password

My advice would be to not be in a hurry. I recently added a pair of Orbi routers to my network (turning off the original cable router's wi-fi) and I spent about four hours changing all the many things which connected before: cellphones, laptops, iPads, printer, mining rig, TP-Link, etc, etc, etc.