How to change from WLAN to LAN

I have PI3 with Octoprint and WLAN.
Now i want to change from WLAN to LAN with a static IP.
How can i do it without an new installation of Octoprint?
Is there a manual?

Hello @Peter_Schilling!

LAN usually is prioritized, so just plugin the cable.

The static IP usually is assigned within your router. How this ors just depends on your router.

Was there a fix for this other than unplugging/ plugging in the ethernet cable ? I have both also, but to go wireless, I have to unplug the cable. Also my router assigned 2 different IP addresses...1 for WLAN, 1 foe LAN, Makes it a pain in the butt when trying to log in via IP address.

Ethernet and Wireless are two different network adapters and should get two different IP addresses. It is possible to configure your RPi to assign static IP addresses to both adapters but if you assign the same IP address to both, then having both active on your local area network will confuse just about everybody. You can also configure your network's DHCP server to assign static IP addresses, but the both active scenario will still cause confusion.

Bottom line, pick one adapter on the RPi and use that. Leave the other one turned off or disconnected.

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B-Morgan, would it hurt anything to leave the wifi running while the ethernet cable is still attached ? Will it prioritize which connection to use. Just in case 1 wasn't working for whatever reason, the other would pick up as a backup ? I know the ethernet connection will override the wifi on my laptop if I plug in the ethernet cable, and vice versa, without having to manually turn anything off or on.

You could leave the wifi running but there is no benefit from doing so. If the wired connection fails, manual intervention will be required before other systems on the local area network can use the wireless connection.

The laptop works the same way with regard to connections between systems on your local area network.

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