How to change SSID and Password

I'm running Octoprint on a Pi4 with the official image. It has been a dream but I've just changed the router, so I need to change the SSID and password. Can't seem to figure out how to do this.

I've tried to connect via ssh but I can't login. Tried pi and raspberry and then with my Octoprint credentials but neither get me in. Used Putty and windows Command Terminal.
I've backed up within Octoprint but before I try and read the SD card in my laptop (Windows and Linux) and potentially wreck the sd card, thought I'd check here.

You can change it the same way you set it up, using the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt file - which is on the boot partition, accessible from Windows. Don't format the card if it asks you to and nothing will explode.

More details:

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Thank you for the information. My main worry is an explosion, possibly a chain reaction from my own frustration ha.
Must have missed that thread, so thank you. Will have a go tomorrow and see if I can change the file. Minus explosion.

Just an update.

That worked a treat, such a simple task but didn’t think I’d be able to view that file. Thanks again

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