How to change the Favicon tentacle-20x20@2x.png

I'd like the change the favicon named tentacle-20x20@2x.png on the top of the octoprint page.
The location for this file is
I've tried putty and WinScp, but i dont see the /static/img/ directory anywhere.
Can anyone guide me to the right direction on where to find this file and directory? I can just drop a custom icon wtih the same size and resolution, but where do i find it?

Afaik, this icon is not meant to be changed.

It changes eitherway when I am using Mosiac Palette canvas plugin with Mosiac's own favicon

You shouldn't edit the source of OctoPrint once it is installed on your machine, since Python/pip is managing it at that point and external changes are incredibly unstable.

This is how Canvas changes the favicon. Gina (@foosel) has previously said she wants to keep the favicon to always OctoPrint to retain branding on her project. Understandable, imo. Hence, the canvas plugin is hacking around it using jquery to modify the code in your browser.

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