How to change user name on Octoprint on my RPi?

I have decided that the login name that I chose for my printer when I installed Octoprint on my RPi is too cumbersome to type. I would like to change the name that I use to log into my Octoprint (my machine, not this community). Can someone tell me how to do that without having to reinstall it on my RPi?

Create a new user, optionally remove the old one.

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Or you could manually edit the users.yaml file, changing your username there. On OctoPi, the file should be located in /home/pi/.octoprint/users.yaml.

No, please don't use sudo to edit the file. That will mess with the permissions and OctoPrint won't be able to access it anymore as the user 'pi'.

Oh yeah, hadn't figured that it was used by the pi user, edited to remove the sudo part

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Perfect. Thanks for this easy way of doing what I need!