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How to change WiFi SSID and password

Hello guys,

I have chaged my router and reconfigured WiFi SSID and password on it. Now I need to reconfigure Raspberry Zero W on my Prusa MKS3, but I have no idea how, because i can't access the Octoprint.
So far, I was using Octoprint without any issue.

Would you help me please?
Thank you!

Hello @Ujo_Klobasa !

Have you tried to reconfigure the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt as you did when you setup OctoPi?

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hmm, that’s the point! :point_up_2: I have completely forgotten, that there’s a sd card in the Raspberry slot, not only in Prusa! But it looks, I have to dismount Raspberry from Prusa and modify the file direct on the Raspberriys SD card ... :frowning:

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