How to cleanly stop a print

Environment: Prusa MK3S + MMU2S . Octoprint 1.5.3

When printing from the SD Card I get an option on the LCD panel that allows me to stop the current print. This moves the head up and out the way and unloads the filament.

When printing from Octoprint this capability is disabled/removed from the LCD and there appears to be no operation to carry out this same operation from within Octoprint. The cancel just halts the print leaving everything exactly when it is at that point with hot end down in the filament. Not a clean result.

My dream would be to have a Stop button in the Tools. Any ideas how I can achieve this. Even knowing how to discover the gcodes used on the printer would be a start , but no idea how to find these out. Very new with the whole world of Gcodes. Happy to go discover if I can be pointed in the right direction.

afaik @Ewald_Ikemann got a nice cancel gcode for Octoprint.
Pretty sure he can help you out :wink:

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@plug-it-in : you can find the script in this thread:

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