How to connect 3D printer with Octoprint using Linux

I have installed octoprint on my Linux OS. Octoprint working smoothly. and also I can connect my webcam. but the issue is I am not able to connect with the 3D Printer.

I am trying to connect Ender 3 3D Printer.

Can you please help with this?

At first:

Please, do not delete the template when you open a new thread

Usually just plugin the USB cable and it should connect.

Here comes the template into game:
It asked for the systeminfo bundle.
Please attach it to your next post.

How did you install it? With the help of some guide, or an installer or just by hand?
Which linux distro?

You probably need to look up how to give yourself as a user, and hence octoprint permission to use the serial port. Can you see a list of USB serial ports to choose from when you go to connect?

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