How to deal with long prints? Pause for long periods possible?

I have some prints that would require around 19-24 hours to print. I can't let it run through as a) my wife would kill me due to the fan volume (Ender 3 V2) and b) would never want to leave the house with an unmonitored print job.

I noticed there is a pause feature in Octoprint. Is it feasible to pause a print for several hours or even a day?

What have your experiences been with pausing?

The only thing that can be done during such a pause would be turn off the extruder heater.

If you have a heated bed, it should stayed turned on, else the print would lose it's adhesion to the bed.
Also the X/Y/Z steppers have to stay turned on, else the risk is too high that they lose their position.

I just do a pause for changing filament.

If possible, you may split the model into smaller parts and print them in a shorter time.

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