How to disable Touch UI

I currently have several touch screen devices and have added the plug-in for touch UI. I like the old UI better for now and want to revert back, but do not know how to do that. I've searched under every setting and do not see a way to toggle back and fourth. Any suggestions? Someone showed me that you can see settings and TouchUI settings below the Emergency Stop under the three lines at the top right. I cannot see either of these. I have tried to see this on an HP laptop, Ipad, Dell Laptop and iPhone. I disabled the touchscreen from my HP but it still shows me the touch UI. Is there a way to remove plug in's?

It should show up in the navbar next to your username.


You click that button and get a dialog that allows you to disable the interface.

Edit: I take that back that interface is when TouchUI is already disabled. I just enabled TouchUI and it switched to its interface and something else I have installed has caused some serious issues and nothing is showing correctly.

Edit 2: Disabled the conflicting plugin and got to the TouchUI interface. You basically just need to click the menu and then TouchUI settings.



The only thing I would add is would be once you are in Touch UI Settings click this!