How to enable RPi throttle check?

When I upload the Systeminfo-Bundle to the Bundle-Viewer I got the message: "Throttle check disabled by user."

Knowingly I have not disabled this ... maybe unintentionally.

Can anybody tell me how to (re)enable it within Octoprint Setting or at my Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.2 running Raspbian 10 Buster?

For a long time I have again problems with a freezing Octoprint without a determinable or traceable cause. Overtemperature is definitely not the problem - it never gets above 40°C, but maybe undervoltage causes this issue.

PS: PIN 4 at my USB cable is isolated, vcgencmd get_throttled at command line reports throttled=0x0 all time.

Thank you in advance.

I think the bundle viewer logic may not be working completely - I have checked a systeminfo bundle and it is showing a false positive on the warnings:

Double check what is actually shown in your system info bundle.

If you ever did want to change the settings, they are under 'Pi Support' in the settings page.

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Dear Charlie, thank you. Ok, there's obviously a false warning in the bundle viewer.
Throttle Check is activated within my settings and can also be found within my info bundle.

I'll now make several test in safety mode to determine the reasons for the freezing of Octoprint. If I can't find the cause I'll try to find help here again.

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