How to find the server Octoprint is running on?


I'm trying to update my Creality CR-10s' firmware, and I still need to install avrdude on my Raspberry Pi so I can do that. However, all the information I can find is "go to the server Octoprint is running on and add this code". I don't know how to get to the Octoprint server.

I've tried finding an Octoprint plugin that would help, I've gone to the "server" tab on the Octoprint settings, I've tried http://(ip address of Pi), but neither works.

I'm using the latest OctoPrint version, and a Raspberry Pi 3B.

I'm sorry for the probably basic (one might even say "n00b") question, but I'm completely new to 3d-printing and all these new concepts are pretty overwhelming. Any help would be appreciated.


Personally, I would install avrdude to my own workstation and to directly connect the serial cable to my printer controller board if I wanted to backup or flash its firmware.

There is an existing plugin for flashing the firmware of your printer. Oh, I assume you're talking about OctoPrint-FirmwareUpdater whose suggests that you install it on the Raspi.

  1. In OctoPrint -> Settings -> Plugin Manager, manually enter the URL given to you in their instructions.
  2. Use ssh to remote into the Raspberry Pi ssh pi@octopi.local with default password of "raspberry" and continue to follow their instructions.


Yeah, if these concepts are foreign to you, you run a high risk of "bricking" your printer. Proceed with caution. Perhaps you can find a local mentor?


Okay, thanks for the heads up! There's a 3d print group the next town over, so hopefully they'll be able to help me.