How to get my Patreon badge? #2

There was an similar topic "How to get my Patreon badge?" but it is 2 year old and discord warned me about alerting many users. So I started a new Topic. I hope this was correct.

My patreon account has another email-address and I don't want to change either one of the addresses.

On Patreon there is a button "Access Discord roles from your creators" but this seems not to be this discord server.

Those badges aren't very important but hunting and gathering is a fundamental human trait :slight_smile:

You are confusing Discord (the chat platform) and Discourse (the forum software used here). If you shoot me a PM with the email address you have registered on Patreon I can hook you up with the Patreon role here. For Discord you need to do that via Patreon however.

Embarrassing :flushed:

Biddeschön :slight_smile:


Danke :vulcan_salute:, ich habs erst jetzt gesehen, weils keine notification gegeben hat.

I didn't mean the "P" in the profile picture, I meant the thing named "badge" locking badge .

I don't know if I classify as "active patron" as I'm only one since a few days, but after binge watching OctoPrint on Air over the last weekend I feel like one :wink:

Aaaah, sorry. That I can't grant manually, limitations of the platform. You'd need to sign up with your Patreon email for that really I fear. I could create another manually maintained badge as well, but that becomes horribly confusing for anyone scrolling through badges.

Even as I don't actually want to change the addresses I have done so on patreon. The attraction of forum gamification at work :star_struck: