How to get my Patreon badge?



Since I log into Patreon with my FB account and then logged into Google Plus with my Google account, I'm not sure what I should have used to login to this new forum such that I get my shiny new Patreon badge. :slight_smile:

This looks like a winning platform though!


Well, whatever you used, it was apparently correct:




Woot! Thanks, I just went to Patreon and disconnected my FB account and created a password and it must have called back to Discourse.


I didn't know there is a patreon badge. Is that something I set up over on Patreon (yes I'm a supporter), or do I do it here?


You should get it automatically if the email address associated with your account here matches the one you used on Patreon. I have to admit that I'm not sure if and if so how I can give it to you manually, I'm still getting the hang of this whole platform myself :thinking:


Testing to see if I got the badge.

Also, I like the focum idea. Haven't used discourse before but it looks decent so far. Almost seems like a mix between a forum program and a chat client. Laughed when I saw reference to a (semi dead) social platform. Octoprint was about the only reason I ever logged into G+ anymore.


I think I just gave it to you manually. Let's see if it persists :wink:


Yeah, I'm going there less and less myself, and for a while it really was my social network number 1. But Google is sadly doing their best to kill it off through neglect and mismanagement for a while now.


They lost me when everything became an animated image. Even static images they decided to "auto awesome" and series of images they animated. Videos were played on short loops. Made my feed a mess that looked like the Vegas strip or something, and had no way to shut it off. Well, I found a way to stop it, at the very least. :smiley:


Thanks, Gina! I see it now. Looking forward to seeing this new platform grow!


Glad to see you go to a format like this. The topic areas and threads will make it much easier to find posts related to what I need, and to refer people with questions.


Is there another way to get associate Patreon with my account? I signed in with Github, doesn't look like Discourse allows more than one social connection. Sorry for being a n00b. I can delete account and try again, but I would rather keep Discourse connected to Github than Patreon.

Sumit (Pi of Things on Patreon)


Hm... Looks like manually adding people to the special "patron" group gets reset by the automatic Patreon sync, at least it also removed the group again from @Karl_Tinsley.

I'll see if I can work around that somehow.


As a follow-up to this, I've now created a second "Patron" group for those of you where the mail matchup doesn't work. So if you used a different mail address here than on Patreon, switching that is not an option and you still want the badge, that can now be arranged.

I'd preferred to be able to do some kind of mapping inside the Patreon plugin but apparently that's not an option so manual management it is :wink:


I tried updating my email here on discourse to use the same email i use on patreon. But that doesent help it seems. Guess you need to add me manually :confused:


That actually did work flawlessly, it just needed the Patreon sync process to run again :slight_smile:


And i needed to refresh the browser cache (ctrl +f5). Cheers!


Sorry about this, but mine did not work either.


i see your image. it worked :slight_smile: try ctrl+f5 @banichow


Where would I see if I have the Patron badge? I changed my emails to match between Patreon and this forum, but I'm not sure how to kick off the sync.