How to get rid of "my printer still lacks mandatory safety features"-warning?

  • printer: Anycubic i3 mega with Ultrabase (Version 03)

In it says, that anycubic has this problem only in version 01 and 02. But I have version 03 and still getting this warning, version 3 has also still version Marlin 1.1.0-RC8

I'm not quite sure, but as far as I can see in the thermal protection is still commented.
I assume that only version 04 is safe (but haven't one to prove.)

Question: If I uncomment the 2 lines and recompile, will the warning vanish or will it only look for "Author: (Jolly ...". Or will the community project on derhopp/Marlin-with-Anycubic-i3-Mega-TFT anyway be better?



Hi cyber1000,

I had the same issue...

You can get rid of the message when you change the author name :sunglasses:

But please make sure that the thermal protection is activated!:point_up_2:

Have fun!



Thanks and sorry for the late reply.
I've compiled with Arduiono 1.8.5 (1.8.6 has some problems right now due to a bug in arduino) and it works without problems. It has thermal runaway protection enabled and most important another author :slight_smile:



Noob here. CR-10S. I downloaded the latest source code from here and uncommented the two lines.

Flashed the firmware no problem.

After rebooting, etc... I still get the thermal warning in octoprint. Is this a bug or maybe I did something wrong?


If you really want to disable the warning, disable the "Printer Safety Check" plugin, then reboot OctoPrint.


It's more about me wanting to make sure my printer is safe, not disabling features. I just want to know why octoprint says thermal protection is not enabled when I (think) I know that it is. :slight_smile:


The plugin can't look into source code, and therefore it can't know if you deactivated something.
Plugin works more or less like this:

  • Normally your printer-firmware sends a connection message to your octoprint on connecting
  • Plugin has a list of known default messages which belong to firmwares which are known unsafe
  • The github-repo you sent contains such a known initial message which is blacklisted by the plugin
  • Therefore the warning appears regardless of your changes to thermal protection

If you changed the 2 lines, compiled and flashed your printer everything should be fine.

You should also change the message in addition to the 2 lines you mentioned: Go to file Marlin/Configuration.h and change STRING_CONFIG_H_AUTHOR to something else (doesn't matter what), recompile and flash. The printer now should send another initial message and the plugin shouldn't complain anymore and you can be sure that you really flashed your device and there wasn't an error on flashing the device.

I wouldn't deactivate the plugin, you may flash a dangerous firmware some months in the future accidentially not remembering that you deactivated the plugin or buy a new printer or get a warranty replacement, ... .


Very informative. Thanks!