How to get right Resolution C270

Logitech C270

Only in square not widescreen

Can't see anything in Octoprint settings for this

No logs because it is working but wrong format

Hi, I have just installed Octoprint with my Logitech C270 camera, it is not in widescreen format and I can't see any settings for this in Octoprint, could anyone help please ?

P.S. I have now set the camera in Octopi.txt to the right resolution and frame rate saved and rebooted but my camera in Octoprint is still square format

Ok, this has been resoved and if anyone is struggling then this is what worked for me:

After SSH into the Pi,

in Octopi.txt file, change the camera line to a usb camera with the settings -r 1280x720 -f 30

then reboot