How to get the files created in cura saved on the SD kart in RPI

how to get the files created in cura saved on the SD kart in RPI. It will only download the file to my download dir,

How do you (try to) upload files to OctoPrint? What (exactly) do you do, and what (exactly) happens?

There is a neat plugin in the Ultimaker Marketplace to make sending gcode to OctoPrint very easy.

I have no problems with cura to print to octoprint!! But in octoprint
if I want to save it there is no option to save it to the sd kart on
the sd kart in raspberrypi (RPI)

I'm trying to help you, but I still don't know what is happening.

In the OctoPrint web interface, is there an upload button below the list of files?
Does a file selection dialog pop up when you press it?
Does the file upload after you select it? If not, then what happens?

It is NOT a question to get files printed or to upload to octoprint if there is gcode file on computer.
The problem is to get the files to print listed in octoprint saved to the CD kart in Raspberry pi, where the server is located. I have plenty of space there but there is no option to get it saved there just to download it to my computer.

If you can't answer my questions, I can't help you.

The files that are listed in the Files section of OctoPrint are already on the sd card in the raspberry pi.

So if i chose in cura to print with octoprint the item is saved to the sd kart in RPI ? By the way that makes sense since i can close the octoprint and it is still printing also cura is closed with no effect on printing.

Thank you for trying to help me, Please forget spelling errors and the like I am Danish

When the Cura OctoPrint plugin initiates a print job, it first uploads the gcode file to the ~/.octoprint/uploads folder (using the REST API) where it then appears in the OctoPrint web interface in the Files side panel widget. Yes, it will then live on the microSD card that's inserted into the Pi computer.