How to "hardware-simulate" print without extrusion?

My Prusa Mk3s sometimes makes a strange "noise" while printing.
At the moment it looks like, that the noise appears only, if the head moves fast while printing a curved line.
It seems that the noise is coming from the print head.
I cannot separate whether it comes from one of the fans or from the extruder drive.

I tried to provocate the noise manually with octoprint by doing some fast movements with or without running fans.
I also extruded filament with maximum speed.
But i never heard the noise....

I want the printer to do all movements as in the print, but without extrusion. If the noise appears then, it's clear, that it doesn't come from the Extruder.
--> Is it possible to start a print with heating & extrusion disabled?


You may try: DryRun

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Thanks a lot! I‘ve searched the plugin database with „simulate“, „simulation“ and „disabled“... but „dryrun“ doesn‘t came to my mind...

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Just remove the filament from the extruder and print the object that has been causing the noise to happen.. No need to install anything. But if that does not work, the plugin can not hurt

@airscapes: Removing the filament causes the printer to stop, because of the filament sensor. I never have tried to start a print without filament. But when the filament runs out while printing, the printer stops....

I tried to simulate the print with dryrun... No noise! But, dryrun also stops the fans, so i'm not sure at all...
The print job was very fast and the filament comes through a Bowden from a drybox to the extruder. This Bowden in particular is longer than the others...
Maybe these two factor makes me hard on the limit for the extruder and it slips through. Then the "door" to the extruder could make this noise, because it is closed by spring pressure.
Maybe i try to film it with slow motion....

It's possible that the feedgear is notching into the filament to make this noise. But that's just a guess. You can try to push down on the filament just above the hotend assembly to see if the noise goes away. If so, then it's related to that stepper and gear set somehow.

Thanks, i can try that... but it will be difficult, because the filament is feeded through a Bowden.

OutsourcedGuru hit the spot on the head with mine. I was getting pretty much the same thing as you are describing, and found that it was at the filament feeder. Either the spool was not sliding on the OEM Ender spool holder and that extra restriction was casing the filament feeding gear to make a horrible noise
on another occasion it was just an error in the Gcode from some sort of weird slice from CURA and the feed-retract-feed-retract became wonky.

Printing these 3dLabPrint aircraft parts definitely tests my poor Ender 3pro at times and if not properly sliced, gives me all kinds of. 'WTF is that?' problems.

Good luck on finding your noise/vibration

I do 2nd your request in your original post.