How to install avrdude on Octopi over WiFi?


I have a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint installed. I also have the plugin Firmware Updater installed, but I don't know how to install avrdude on the Raspberry. Can anyone help me?


This should in theory do the trick:

sudo apt-get install -y avrdude


The problem is how i enter those commands. I couldn't find where to enter the commands on http://octopi.local


You'll need to remote into the Raspberry Pi.

If you have macOS, it's ssh pi@octopi.local and if you have Windows then you'd use PuTTY instead. The default password is raspberry.


What should i put on host name or IP address? Using octopi.local or pi@octopi.local results in "host doesn't exist" message.


Given that you haven't told me whether you have Windows or macOS, I'll guess that you have Windows since it's complaining about the hostname that it can't lookup.

For hostname use the IP address. For username use pi.


Sorry! I am using Windows. Thanks a lot! It worked.