How to invoke Octoprint without login

How do you invoke Octoprint without login?

I have an internal network that is very secure. I don't want to have to login to Octoprint each time. Does anyone know how to do this?


Have you searched the forum for autologin?

Something you can also do is just check the remember me box on log in and that will mostly solve your problem.

Ya, it will once in a while ask you to log in and it will foce it from any new source browser but for the most part you will not see it. Well you will need to ensure that you don't clear your browser data on close or something like that but it works fairly well to make it so you don't have to log in all the time.

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Most browsers have a plugin to AutoLog into a website.

Yes, I know all that. I want the chromium browser on the Pi to auto login to Octoprint. I was hoping there was some way to disable the login credentials and go right into Octoprint.

There are, install the plugin and enable it. OctoPrint-AutoLoginConfig plugin. That will allow you to change the settings for auto login from the UI.