How To Make OctoPrint RPi Click WiFi Hotspot "ACCEPT" Button?

I'm trying to put the OctoPrint printers on our company's public WiFi network so employees and visitors can access them. We can't put them on the main WiFi because you need an employee access ID to log on to that network.

However, when one logs onto the public Internet WiFi, even though there is no username or password, there is an "ACCEPT" button that you have to click.

Is there a way to make the Raspberry Pi automatically "click" on the "ACCEPT" button every time it tries to connect to this WiFi network?

First I would check if it works if you click on the button by yourself in desktop mode.
Depending on how your captive portal works it might only give you access to your browser or certain ports.
If you get access to octoprint over your network you can try this for automatically clicking on accept.

Here is a direct link to the script

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How do I enter desktop mode?



Assuming you're using the octopi image you have to put the pi on an "open" network first in order to install packages.
Then you run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install raspberrypi-ui-mods in the console ( either ssh on your pi or do it directly on a display).
Afterwards you reboot the pi and run sudo raspi-config.
There you go to Boot Options, B1 Desktop, B4 Desktop auto login

Then reboot again at it should boot right into the desktop :slight_smile:

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