How to "manually" send enclosure temperature readings to Octoprint

I have octo4a running on my old phone. I also have a Shelly1 with a temperature probe inside the enclosure. Through an app called Automate (which is similar to Tasker), via HTTP request, I'm able to poll the Shelly every 30 seconds and get the temperature readings on my phone. So I have the numbers but... How to send them to Octoprint so that they are displayed under the enclosure temp tab?

I'm not aware of any plugin that uses any remote sensors.
Afaik they require a sensor that is connected via GPIO

But feel free to search for plugins

In my opinion it is a little bit tricky, if you are not able to receive the chamber temp informaiton from the printer firmware. I my case i wrote a plugin which receives a chamber temp over MQTT and I modified the temperature.js to show ist within the common temp chart,

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