How to refuel under OctoPrint?

When I change filament as usual by using the CR10s PRO screen it ends up with a BIG BANG and the motors are running loose like a goose - I have to shut down the printer, restart the OctoPrint server .... it's not a good solution !

When I use the Control tab in OctoPrint I can't set the temp without switching to the temp tab ... it seems like a tidious procedure - what is the best practice ?

I guess then you shouldn't use the "PRO" screen's version of that. :skull_and_crossbones:

I happen to be printing some two-color parts now myself. Since I've created two (or more) separate files, the routine would be for me:

  1. Print the first file in white
  2. When that's finished, visit the Temperature tab, set the temperature again to 190C
  3. Visit the Control tab
  4. When the temperature is above 170C, I set the amount of retraction to 140mm for my printer and press the Retract button, pulling slightly on the filament above to help it along
  5. I ready the other color (blue) and put it into the PTFE tubing, then press the Extrude button while making sure that the filament is grabbed; at this point, I'll throw a piece of paper on the bed to catch any melted plastic and when it's finished I'll clip it with some tweezers below the nozzle
  6. I then select and print the next file

A similar process can happen during a print job but you'd need to create a pair of scripts for your Settings -> Gcode Files section for pause/resume.

Yeah, I do it this way too but I think it's a little awkward flipping between the tabs ... but that's how it is then.

Thx !