How to remotely disconnect from printer before powering off?

I recently installed new firmware on my Prusa MK4, which has the beginnings of support for Octoprint.

I had been sending an M81 command from Octodash to power off the TP-Link plug that the printer is connected to (using PSU Control). But now I find that when I send M81 this immediately causes Octoprint to fail, and require a restart.

(I get the same result sending it through Octodash, or even through the Terminal in Octoprint. The [!POWEROFF] command in Octodash also has the same effect.)

PSU Control is set to "Disconnect on power off," so the toggle button in the Nav Bar works as it always has. But if I set it to not disconnect -- I have the same problem.

So it seems to me that I need the means to disconnect before powering off. (I'm not sure what's changed in the new firmware, but here we are.) The documentation suggests that the printer can send a command like this -- but could it be sent through Octodash?

this is odd behaviour. I would be interested if there are any errors in your log or potentially errors coming back from the printer during the process (might have to enable serial logging to troubleshoot more).

Found the [!DISCONNECT] command in Octodash, and that seems to be what I needed -- I can now power off the printer without throwing Octoprint into a panic.

I had a look at the Octoprint log when I was trying to work out what the issue might be, but I didn't see anything that looked interesting (and I didn't have Serial log enabled).

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