How to replace mjpg streamer with ustreamer?

Hi all. I have RPI 4b 8Gb and some camera's (raspberry HQ Camera && v2.1)
I'm newbie on the linux... Was try the OctoPi - it's really fast, but camera have VERY slow response (try on 1920x1080)
Was try the "raw" Raspberry OS (lite version) - VERY slow ssh and now want revert to the OctPi but have a big question: how to replace mjpg streamer with ustreamer right way
(I test ustreamer - it's faster than mjpg)... here is: GitHub - pikvm/ustreamer: µStreamer - Lightweight and fast MJPG-HTTP streamer

I assume this is not a docker question, so I moved the category (since you talked about OctoPi).

You can just disable the built in webcam stuff (mjpg streamer & co) using sudo systemctl disable webcamd.service.

Then just install ustreamer using the instructions, create the service file and away you go :slightly_smiling_face: