How to run a script when octopi on?

i would like to run a script whenever Octoprint is on or connected to the printer.
i thought this would work but it does not!

what are my options?

I tried this as well but it did not work

i tried cron job too via these commands from a website but did not work as well:
crontab -e
choose nano, if first time

@reboot sh /home/pi/

exit and save

sudo nano
paste in:
python -m pi_mqtt_gpio.server config.yml

exit and save

sudo chmod a+x /home/pi/
sudo chmod a+x /home/pi/config.yml

off course if i run manually in Putty, it works:
python -m pi_mqtt_gpio.server config.yml

As a start use the absolute path to your yml file.

you are right! updated in Event of Octoprint. no need for cron nor plugin. thanks!


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