How to send M118 A1 P0 action:notification Time Left hms (e.g. 02h04m06s)

What is the problem?

I want to send to the MKS TFT28 V4.0 TFT screen of my Artillery X1 printer the command: M118 A1 P0 action:notification Time Left hms (e.g. 02h04m06s)

What did you already try to solve it?

*I tried plugin "Display Layer Progress" but I did not find how sent the command M118 instead of M117

*I tried plugin "Event Manager" it function perfectly for orders
M118 A1 P0 Action: Print_start
M118 A1 P0 Action: Print_End
M118 A1 P0 Action: End
M118 A1 P0 Action: Pause
M118 A1 P0 Action: Resum
But I did not find how to spend the remaining time like : M118 A1 P0 action:notification Time Left hms (e.g. 02h04m06s)

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Additional information about your setup

I wish to pass the order as shown here:
I can pass without problems any order except Time Remain Progress

I'm looking for if Octoprint can do it basic or if a plugin can answer for my need.

Thank you

Hello @Pascal_M !

So it is less a thing with OctoPrint, more with Display Layer Progress

A shoutout to @OllisGit if he has an idea.

Hi @Pascal_M,

I need more details, because your requirement is unclear for me.

M117 is not working? In the linked description M117 is also mentioned...


For this, it is built-in now - added in OctoPrint 1.7.0.

Yes this plugins is supplied with octoprint.

Hi Ollis

The M117 command is more dedicated to lcd screens

The M118 command is used to send commands and not just display.
In my case for the moment with "event manager" it allows me when I launch a print from octoprint , my TFT menu switches to the print screen with access to the babystep for example. In this menu we also have the progress bar that I want to update with the M118 command.

The advantage with the M118 command is that we can address all the serial ports (option P0 in the command) in my case the TFT is not on the same UART as octoprint.

I think, but it is to be confirmed by the community that we could replace in DLP the M117 by the M118. You can make it compatible with both modes by offering this option.
I don't think you can have a printer with a TFT screen and an LCD screen at the same time.

Thank you

Hi @Pascal_M,
I can try to build a special version that use M118 instead of M117. Then you can test this version and if successful I can implement the M117/M118 option into a normal release.

Related ticket:

Btw. I used OP 1.7.2, but the EventManager was not enabled, no idea why.

Hi @OllisGit,
ok fine, thank you.
I'll test your version and let you know if it's ok.

New Version can be downloaded here:

Please add your test results here:

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