How to set Flashforge Adventurer builtin camera as Octoprint camera

What is the problem?

I was wondering How to set up the Flashforge Adventurer 3 or 4 built-in camera as an Octoprint camera, via network.

I want to set the network url that you could normally use to view the live camera feed to my Octoprint camera:

Is this easy? Do you know If i could do it?

What did you already try to solve it?

I am shopping for a 3D printer, and I want to know if a flashforge would be worth it. I dont currently use octoprint, But I want to.

It seems like a standard mjpeg stream - so no problem at all.
Just use that url in the cam settings.

I can't tell you if it supports snapshots for timelapses tho.
You could try http://ip:8080/?action=snapshot.

Separate to the main question about the camera - I wouldn't recommend buying a flashforge printer if you want to use OctoPrint. The only way most of them will work a little bit is through a plugin, and even then the communication is not very good at all, allowing only limited access. This printer specifically is not mentioned as supported by the plugin. If you are looking to buy a printer, a flashforge won't work well with OctoPrint.

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