How to set flow rate?

OctoPrint 1.3.7rc3 (but guessing this question isn't related to the release candidate)

I see the slider and button to set flow rate on the Control tab. If I move the slider from 100% to 105% (for example) I don't visually see a change in my ongoing print.

Also - if I visit OctoPrint from a different device, that second device shows 100%.
Am I supposed to hit the button to activate the flow rate change request? Because if I close OctoPrint in my browser and re-open, it shows 100% again.

This is with Safari on a Mac, and Safari on iPad.



Yes, you need to press the button to set it, and the resetting to 100% again is normal behaviour. Most printers don't really output much (if anything) when you set things externally so there's no way for octoprint to know what the flow rate was set to from one browser to another.

Got it -- thanks.

I did finally have the light bulb go off in my head, and checked flow rate on the printer panel (Prusa i3 MK2) and it did show the increased flow rate.