How to set up Octoprint to use just wired Ethernet

I'd like to use Ocotprint to control and monitor my printer. I'm in the fortunate situation of having wired Ethernet everywhere, so want to use this to connect to Octoprint. I'm sure it's possible, but could do with some guidance on how to configure the RPi and Octoprint.


Don't configure the wireless network and plug in an ethernet cable.

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Thanks - is that it?

You are welcome - it is.

FWIW I found that if I plugged a live ethernet cable in while installing from OctoPi, wifi will not work. Perhaps some portion of wifi code is omitted.

Well, I went ahead and did just that and it worked instantly. Who’d have thought it?!

Me! I’ld have thought it!

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An Ethernet cable you need to connect your Raspberry to your wired Network.

I have my Octoprint working via wifi but would like to use a wired Ethernet connection instead. So I opened the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt file (using nano) and returned the "network=..." and "country=..." to comments, then powered down and restarted my RPI. For the first time ever the activity lights on the RPI lit up! But only for a few seconds, then went dark about half-way through the boot sequence. Unfortunately, the output from the boot scrolls so fast that I couldn't spot any errors or warnings, if there were any.

Ultimately my Octoprint got no IP address. Everything I've read says to turn off wifi, reboot, and Ethernet should "just work", so what EXACTLY am I missing?

How does one remove a previously working wifi config AND get Ethernet working?

OK, I found the root of my Ethernet problem. It appears to have been a network switch, not the RPI or Octoprint. Last evening, after lots of reconfiguring, I found that 5 ports on my TrendNet 8-port gigabit switch are not working. Bummer. Replaced that switch with an old, reliable NetGear 8-port gigabit...and Octoprint via Ethernet now works.

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