How to start gui, *after* running install-desktop

A GUI for the RaPi/Octoprint can be installed by running sudo ~/scripts/install-desktop.

The user is then presented with the option to automatically have the GUI start on boot, or not. In my case I chose "no", because I will only need the GUI on occasion, and I do not wish it to interfer with printing.

Question: How does one actually start the GUI? I have tried "startx" with no success.

In my specific use case, I would like to be able to start the GUI via SSH from another machine. (I have a large touchscreen connected to the Pi/Printer, no keyboard.

Afaik you have to startx locally via console.

There might be another way but I'm not aware of it.

Thanks. startx via console just gives "command not found".

I have made some progress now with "startlxde", it's giving some display errors, but working on that now...

Found the solution:

run "sudo apt-get -y install xinit"

and after that one can start the gui with "startx".

Might be nice if this info is placed in the bottom of the "install-desktop" help text

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