How to still control z-adjustment during print?

What is the problem?
I've just installed Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi and just getting through usual teething problems. Have it running brilliantly on my Prusa MK3S and now trying to get it working on my CR10 Max. All seems fine except I can't seem to adjust the z-offset during prints through the control panel when using Octoprint.
This is handy obviously if I need to tweak it slightly on first layers.

What did you already try to solve it?
Googled around, but can't see anything obvious - the adjustment option is there on when I unplug the octopi and use panel manually

Is there any way to adjust z offset live in Octoprint or any way to restore this menu option when plugged in?

Try to adjust it via your printers display :slight_smile:

M290 should also work via the terminal tab

Sorry - that's what I meant - there's an 'adjust' option through my CR10 Max display at the top right when I'm printing without Octoprint, but when I plug in Octoprint and run a print, this option disappears!

Hence I've got to either control z-adjust through Octoprint or get it to reappear!

Any ideas on how to get it to reappear!??

No sry :confused:
I replaced the stock firmware on my printers with my own marlin builds because of stuff like this and bugs in those firmwares.

Let's wait some time. Maybe somebody else got an idea :slight_smile:

Just wondering why you all don't properly set Z offset for your layer height using a model and digital caliper and be done.. I have no idea how you can possibly see .04mm by eye while printing, I mean I always set mine so the model is within +-.02mm of design height and never had any adhesion issues.. Something that should measure 3mm tall is not correct if is not 3mm tall.. Am too particular? Is it just that my printer is more accurate then most where I can set it and forget it until I change hot ends and nozzle? Or is the process I follow to time consuming and a little elephant foot is or taller part is ok? Sorry just have seen soo many posts in other forums about adhesion issues which are almost 100% dues to improper Z offset and lack of calibration. Tweaking while running I guess could be useful for non critical part.. but I can not think of a time I would ever use it.

Hi Airscapes - how big is your printer bed?

My printer is a Makergear M2 Build Dimensions 200 mm (8") x 250 mm (10") x 200 mm (8") nothing special, why?

Likewise - found it easy enough on my Prusa MK3S as you describe - the printer in question is a CR10 Max, so you find when you scale to 4x the size suddenly there's lots of factors that start to play a role (eg temperature of the heatbed, room etc noticeably affects it) hence keen to be able to microadjust if required for large model printing.

Totally agree with what you're saying though - definitely the right way to go, just useful to have a backup option of quick tweak (especially when a really large model can take 45 mins to lay down the first layer, so annoying when you get to a far corner and need to just tweak z-offset a little)

Thanks for the explanation Alphatester234, sounds useful when dealing with variability in hardware and environment.