How to stop 'GET /?action=snapshot' octoprint.log messages every 5 seconds

My octoprint.log file is filled with snapshot messages every 5 second as follows:

2024-01-30 18:45:18,045 - werkzeug - INFO - - - [30/Jan/2024 18:45:18] "GET /?action=snapshot HTTP/1.1" 200 -
2024-01-30 18:45:23,168 - werkzeug - INFO - - - [30/Jan/2024 18:45:23] "GET /?action=snapshot HTTP/1.1" 200 -
2024-01-30 18:45:28,270 - werkzeug - INFO - - - [30/Jan/2024 18:45:28] "GET /?action=snapshot HTTP/1.1" 200 -

These messages are just clutter and give no useful information.
I don't know what plugin werkzeug is and what is generating this error message.

Any way to turn these off without shutting off other useful logging messages.
i.e., I'm OK with one-time INFO messages at startup but it's totally useless to tell me evrery 5 seconds that a snapshot has been taken...

OctoPrint doesn't use werkzeug to serve snapshots (doesn't use anything, webcam servers are external) so this is coming from a plugin that's running it's own snapshots. Perhaps Obico.

Werkzeug is a commonly used http server in Python - OctoPrint uses flask which uses it, but not for snapshots.

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Good catch. I shut off obico temporarily and the problem went away.
I will take this up with the obico devs...

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