How to turn on Printer LED?

What is the problem?

I want to activate my printers build in LED on the printers heat block. However I do not find any option to activate this LED.

What did you already try to solve it?

Google this specific problem. Unfortunately without any succsess.

Hello everyone,
i just got the newest Version of OctoPrint running for my Anycubic Vyper. However I have a small issue with the setup. How can I activate the build in LED on the printers heat block? I have searched on google but unfortunately I could not find any solution for my problem.

Can anyone help here?

Hello @Wurzelortskurve !

Maybe the/an Anycubic forum can help to find out if there is a Gcode command to control that light.

You may also try:

Searching for light there you can find:

Maybe that works.

Hello @Ewald_Ikemann

Thanks for your answer.

I will look up on the linked page later. If I have found the proper GCode, is it possible to automatically start the LED before every print?

When I print "normally" on my Vyper the LED will always be switched on.

When you found the Gcode, then you can insert it into the start script in your slicer

And if you like in the end code the gcode for turning off.

You also can use OctoPrint-Enclosure to do this from the OctoPrint GUI

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Or instead of the slicer you can also throw it in OctoPrint's GCODE scripts: GCODE Scripts β€” OctoPrint master documentation


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