How to update octopi 0.15 from 0.15 beta?


Hello, how to update Octopi 0.15 stable, from 0.15 beta?
I need to reinstall all things or I will able to update the beta version to the stable version without reinstall all things?
Is ye, pls can explain how, tks...


I don't think there is an easy way to update from one version to another of OctoPi. See the description on Gina's blog post announcement for OctoPi 0.15

I've always just flashed the new OctoPi image onto my SD card.


I wonder if there's a way of creating a nifty upgrade-help script that would help you do two things:

  1. with some command-line verb like backup, it would do at least the following:
# Create a tarball in the home directory for the .octoprint folder structure
tar -zcvf ~/dot_octoprint.tar.gz ~/.octoprint
echo Now run the following command from your workstation to download it:
echo scp pi@octopi.local:~/dot_octoprint.tar.gz
echo When you have upgraded your image and have ssh'd back
echo into your Pi, then run the following to upload the tarball:
echo scp dot_octoprint.tar.gz pi@octopi.local:~/.
  1. with a second command-line verb like restore, it would do at least the following:
cd ~
tar -zxvf ~/dot_octoprint.tar.gz

I'm not sure what exactly should be backed up and restored but this sounds like it might be useful as a shell script.