How to use Crowsnest in octoprint instead of mjpg-streamer

In klipper firmware, mainsail install crowsnest, camera works fine. When I try to use crowsnest in octoprint, the camera doesn't work properly: in Webcam & Timelapse setup, only camera snapshots are visible, but not the video stream. How should I set it up?

My settings under octoprint:
The video stream setting is ip:8080/?action=stream
The snapshot setting is

The configuration of corwsnest.conf:
log_path: ~/printer_data/logs/crowsnest.log
log_level: verbose
delete_log: true

[cam 1]
mode: mjpg
port: 8080
device: /dev/video3
resolution: 1280x720
max_fps: 15

Can you go to http://ip:8080/?action=stream in your browser and it works correctly?

You might have to open the browser's console to see if it is reporting an error reaching the stream.

crowsnest.log (6.8 KB)

it still doesn't work :smiling_face_with_tear:

You haven't answered either of the points I put in my first comment