How would I tell when Octoprint is fully started?

I have added a 7-inch touchscreen beside my printer to monitor and control OctoPrint as my printer's screen is all but useless.
My attempt has been to make Chromium autostart in kiosk mode and display the TouchUI interface, and it works well.
My issue is that if I run this on boot, then the browser doesn't load Octoprint as it hasn't finished starting up yet.
I want to know if there is a way I can tell OctoPrint has fully started up, or if I should just add a delay after boot before starting the browser. I was thinking some kind of API call or service status check? Does anyone know any solutions?

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That's probably your easiest solution.

Charlie, would you mind sharing more about how you did this? I'd like to setup something similar to get away from the horrible UI and useless knob on the Ender 3 Pro screen.

Sorry about the late reply. I'll attempt to explain here.
I've set up the official RPi touchscreen on the top of my printer with a fairly basic mount, connected to the Pi running Octoprint.
It then is set up to load the localhost with chromium full screen on startup, I also have the TouchUI plugin to make it a bit easier to use.

I had considered creating my own interface but decided it wasn't worth it when Octoprint had a perfectly good one!