I can see Octoprint on one pc but not another on same network


What is the problem?
I've installed everything on the Raspberry Pi and it seems to be fine(ish). I can utilize the printer from one of my computers but not another one that is much closer to the printer
What did you already try to solve it?
I've gone through everything I can find on the non-working computer to get it configured correctly but, I'm clearly missing something.
Windows 10 on both systems, one is a desktop (working for Octopi) and a laptop (not working for Octopi). Both are hardwired to my network. Not using wifi at all.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+
OS on the Pi is OctoPi. I can't get it to load the desktop version, though it prompts me to install it if I wish. I do wish and when I try it says it can't be found. This problem is secondary to getting it to work at all from the laptop sitting right next to the Raspberry Pi and my Ender 3 Pro.


Solution found: downloaded PuTTY and followed instructions there to connect the laptop to the Raspberry Pi. Should have watched Thomas Sanladerers' informative video first.