I can't select a file. All greyed out?

Seems all is a go and its waiting for me to choose "Cube" to print but grey.

Cura won't let me import or config a profile.

NEWB at this dont ya know
octoprint 1.3.8 octopi 0.15.0

Only thing I can think of would be a permissions issue, but if you uploaded through the octoprint GUI, then that shouldn't be the case.

If you're comfortable with the terminal, ssh into your octoprint system (assuming it's a Raspberry Pi or a linux system) and run the following command:

ls -l /home/$(ps -p $(pgrep -f octoprint) -o user=)/.octoprint/uploads

post the results of that. Otherwise, check the octoprint docs for how to upload logs and do that.

I note that the file in question is an STL rather than a GCODE file. If @StumpBucket would like to print the part, the first step would be to slice it.

Many people—myself included—download Cura on our workstations and use that to do our slicing and then upload the GCODE version to the printer so it can do its job.

It should be possible to slice within OctoPrint but then you need to create a profile in the Settings area.


Ill try this and post results.

it was my intention to slice in the cura on the Pi. Am i being silly, I thought that was one of the benefits, offloading it to the Pi. I did slice on my Mac and print the cube but used the SD card.

Every time i try to login to the Pi now i get the HTML instead of the UI? Mac Safari 11?

Try hitting CMD-SHIFT-R in Safari to force reload all assets. It looks like the stylesheet got corrupted and is cached in an unusable state.

Do not use Safari for Octoprint -> Firefox or Chrome(chromium/vivaldi) are working well.

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Oh hell, yes, of course. Good catch.

Use Safari for OctoPrint because OutsourcedGuru <3 Safari and it works beautifully for him. :sunglasses:

Here, it's just not fetching the stylesheet. Try reloading and it should be fine. If it does this a lot then I would suggest—if you're on a Raspi Pi Zero or a 1—then a Raspi 3 with four cores is better at dishing up the website. (I watch my system for performance and the website load takes 100% of one of the cores on my system; the stylesheet then might download from a second core if that's available.)

sometimes I see that HTML (?) page rather than the normal user interface when my browser is loading a cached copy of the page - my browser is not connecting to the OctoPrint server on the Pi (either the Pi is not connected to my network, or my browser is having trouble finding it). If the Pi is connected to my netrok, reloading the page or restarting the browser usually fixes it.