I deleted octoprint uninstal file without uninstalling the port

What is the problem?

I downloaded octoprint on a different microsoft account with port 5000. but now that the account is deleted i cant uninstall my octoprint port

What did you already try to solve it?

nothing really i dont know what to do.

Additional information about your setup

Its a raspberry pi zero 2 w

If you're installing OctoPrint on a Raspberry Pi, you don't need a Microsoft account. I'm not sure I understand the problem - could you provide more details?

Basicly i downloaded octoprint on my laptop then set it up with port 5000 and i deleted all the files of it without deleting the port and now i cant delete it

You can't 'delete' a port. That's not how they work. OctoPrint would use the port when you run it. If you've uninstalled OctoPrint & the associated files, then it won't be able to run anymore and it won't be able to use the port.

and what's the deal with the pi zero 2?

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