I formatted sd card. is this problem?

I followed official Download&Setup instruction. but, wifi did not connected.

among instruction, there is a phrase that i cant understand. that phrase is :

  1. Unzip the image and install the contained .img file to an SD card [using Etcher]. Do not at any point format the SD from your Operating System, even if prompted to do so - that will break it and you’ll have to start over. Just use Etcher to flash the .img file, that is enough!

what is that means do not format? I formatted sd card with SD Card Formatter(windows 7) before burn img file via Etcher.
When instruction says do not format, is that means 'doesnt matter what kind of data in the sd card, just burn it'?
sd card that have history of format, cannot be used?

Burning the SD card overrides the formatting. Most OSes then prompt you to format it after the installation too, which will break it and you will have to start again.

This order is fine :heavy_check_mark: :

  1. Format SD card
  2. Burn .img file to SD card

This order is not :x:

  1. burn image
  2. format.

And formatting it before burning is a waste of time anyway, so just don't do it.


Not always a waste of time as a "full format" (i.e. not "quick") can sometimes detect a bad SD card. For new SD cards, I agree it is not necessary. Better to tell Etcher (or other imaging software to verify the contents).