I have problem while sending file from Cura to Octopi

I have a problem when sending file from Cura to Octopi. I got error:

file_name.ufp.gcode is not found on "local"

I must start printing manually.
This worked fine untill I installed PrintJobHistory plug in with all dependencies. I found out that it might be problem with UltimakerFormatPackage, but when I disable this one I got error that name_file.ufp is not supported untill I enable this plug in. My friend installed PrintJobHistory and do not have such a problem. How can I sole that error that it looks for file.ufp.gcode instead of filename.gcode?

There was a compatibility issue between an update of @jneilliii's UltimakerFormatPackage plugin and the OctoPrint connection plugin in Cura. This has been resolved with an update of the latter, which was released yesterday. Could you please check the Marketplace if there's an updated version of the OctoPrint Connection plugin?

It helped - many thanks :slight_smile: