I need some help, can't print round circles

I don't know if somebody had this use at some point, I have octoprint running with klipper in a FFCP.
I started a print of 2 cilinder shapes and it always does the same, inconsistent circles, see the offset, and of course the cilinder goes with that error all the way.
Any help? I don't know what else to try

Are those prints still attached to the bed?
If yes I would start with the Z offset. It seems like the nozzle is too high on the first layer.

I can't help you with the klipper part though. Not used it yet.
We got a few klipper people on discord - if you don't get help here, try it over there :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, the z offset is high on porpouse to show the circle line, yes the print is attached to the bed but is drawing the circle that way, I printed another example part that I'm attaching and you can see some parts of the circle are flat

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that Klipper is firmware that is fed by a "GCode interpreter" running on more powerful hardware than your typical 8 bit microprocessor that is commonly used to run Marlin or similar firmware.

The GCode that either Marlin or this "GCode interpreter" (that feeds Klipper) is generated by a slicer that probably doesn't know if the "user" of that GCode speaks Marlin or Klipper.

This brings us to the question of how good is the slicer at generating GCode that describes the circle? IMO, this is the weakness here, not Klipper or Marlin.

If the Marlin firmware build includes support for G2 / G3 and you can get GCode that contains those commands (either by a slicer or a smart plugin like Arc-Welder) then Marlin might surpass Klipper in faithfully reproducing circles. I checked the Klipper sources and it doesn't support G2 / G3.

Hi Morgan, thanks for your input, I'm using simplify3D, octoprint doesn't show the prints as the printer prints them either, so I don't think is the slicer, something else is going on, look at this .3mm circles I just printed, not even the skirt is printing round, and if you compare the errors in the small circles they are all in the same place

This was beeing printed at 10mm/s and about to do the infill

Please post the .stl file and the .gcode file for the example you are posting pictures for.

The .stl file format consists of triangles. A CAD program circle will get converted to triangles that approximate the surface. The image below illustrates this. Here is another .stl file description.

Thanks, here I'm attaching all of it with some pictures of the object printed in a FFCC with sailfish and the one with Klipper, the one that is round is the printer running salifish

This is my Klipper one starting script, that is the only thing that changes between printers. With velocity limit and pressure advance quoted prints the same.

M73 P0
G4 P0
G1 Z5 F1500
G1 X140 Y65 F1500
G1 X-70 Y-67 F6400
M104 S[extruder0_temperature] T0
M190 S[bed0_temperature] T0
M109 S[extruder0_temperature] T0
M106 S[fan_speed_pwm]
G1 Z0.3 F1000
G1 X-70 Y-74 F4000
G1 Z0.3 F1500
G1 X100 E24 F2000
G1 Y-71 F2000
G1 X87 Y-74 F4000
G1 X80 F4000
G1 X70 Y-78 F6000
;- - - End custom G-code for right extruder printing - - -

aro.stl (69.2 KB) aro prueba klipper.gcode (1.4 MB)

Klipper log just in case

klippy.log (1.2 MB)