I think octopi is not booting?

What is the problem?

It seems like Octoprint randomly decided to die and stop booting or working, not sure.

What did you already try to solve it?

At first I thought it was just unable to connect to the wifi but after trying with an ethernet cable and still did't work I decided to try to connect it to a monitor using an hdmi cable, no output was shown but I hadn't installed the desktop image, so I guess that is normal. The thing is I cant ssh to it and just install it now, I cant access anything, just the files in the ssd which I think aren't usefull for this. Also, I dont know if should have changed something if I tried using an ethernet connection to check for connectivity, so it may still be that, but I really don't know what else to do. One more detail is that even when I start the pi, there is no green light, which shows disk activity, and I guess it needs some disk activity to start right?

Any tips on what to try would be great, and if there is any more information needed just ask for it, thanks in advance and hope I dont have to reinstall everything and loose all of my settings...

You don't need to install the desktop to see it on a monitor. With a monitor hooked up and connecting power to the pi, you should see it booting. Do the red and green LED's on the pi do anything when you connect power?

hey, sorry for the late reply, only the red light goes on, which makes me wonder if its a problem with the sd card but im not sure since nothing pops up when connecting it to a monitor.

by the way, in order to get information if something failed, can I obtain the log file from the sd card? because I couldn't find it anywhere, but I could when i connected via ssh, thanks

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