IDEX Duplication & Mirror Mode

What is the problem/challenge?

I'm currently building a custom IDEX printer. The plan is to use Marlin 2.0 which supports IDEX and mirror/duplication modes with M605 Sx.
My initial idea was to simply make a Cura profile with a smaller bed and M605 S2 for duplication or M605 S3 for mirror in the start Gcode.

What would be extremely nice is if Octoprint can assign the M605 command. In a way that when you start a print you can say print it in duplex or mirror mode.

What did you already try to solve it?

As mentioned I'm currently building the printer. So I don't have anything to test yet.

Additional information about your setup

Current firmware (will be updated once machine is finished):
Octoprint 1.4.0 running on Octopi 0.17.0 (currently installed on Tevo Tarantula for testing)
Marlin running on BTT SKR V1.1 Pro

It would be extremely nice if something like this is possible! Thanks in advance!

Hello @Fabiandelete!

For the print bed geometry changes from normal to copy/mirror mode (as half as wide), it would be easy to set up a separate printer profile with the used commands in the start section in the GCODE scripts.

Okey, that is in line with my initial idea (but instead of doing it in Cura it's done in Octoprint). Changing profile's can be done while connecting to the printer, right?

Never tried it myself

Profiles are selected in the Connection section of the OctoPrint main screen. The GCODE Scripts are not profile specific but the Printer Profile is available.

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You are right. Seems I mixed someting up.

You can still do what you want but its not as simple as create a profile and add the command to the start script.

The start script will have to query for something like the current profile name or some other unique value in the profile to determine the command to send.