'important announcement' locked on screen


What is the problem?
Yesterday prints were successful. This morning the Octopi screen has a Red message for 'Important Announcements' locked over right side of screen.

What did you already try to solve it?
I tried restarting everything (PC, browse 'Chrome', RPI3B+, Octopi) and nothing will remove that message from the screen.

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)
I am running Octopi 1.3.8 on raspberry pi 3 B + with win10 on laptop and A-10S 3D printer


I am on my third day of the 'Important Announcement' in Red locked over the right side of my screen. It covers vital controls and I am having a lot of trouble operating. Any help GREATLY appreciated. Thanks Doug


A screen shot might clarify the problem.


The message is red and has an exclamation point and covers right half of all screens. The content is the same as that of the notification tab (the bell).
Is this a browser thing with Google Chrome, or Octopi, or Octoprint?
I do not know what the next step is to debug this.


BTW, the links in this red box are active and take me to the announcement on the web.


Just tried Microsoft Edge browser and get same problem... so not the browser?


That looks like your OctoPrint instance was either offline since 2016 or something got corrupted in the config making it even show you these many announcements (the one at the bottom is from 2016, second one November 2017, first one March 2018). Highly unusual.

The problem here is the close buttons are at the bottom of the notification and your screen is simply too small for it to fully fit. That's honestly something I've not encountered before and I'll add a close button to the upper right to work around this scenario in the future, but to fix it for now we'll need to get a bit creative.

  1. Open your browser's developer console by hitting F12. You'll see something like this:

  2. Paste this after the cursor prompt ">" and hit enter:

    OctoPrint.issueCommand("plugin/announcements/channels/_important", "read", {until: Math.ceil(Date.now() / 1000)})

    Should look like this:

  3. Reload the page. The notification should be gone


Thank you very much. Once you explained that there were buttons to dismiss at the bottom, I just zoomed out in the Google Chrome browser (to about 50%) until I could see the buttons and dismissed the notice. You have created a wonderful tool in both the Octoprint and the Octopi extension, Thank You, Doug


Who is the dumbA$$ that thought putting the "close" or dismiss button would be great at the very bottom off-the-screen? STUPID, STUPID, STUPID design! Put it at the top, nobody can scroll off the screen to dismiss announcements!


I had the same problem and it took a while to figure to scale the page to 50% to see the dismiss button.

I agree it would be better to fix this. I did not think it was appropriate to be an ass myself by being so rude as jerrylewis.

I guess manners are an illusive concept to some (LOL).


Indeed they are as just demonstrated again.

Thank you for wanting to improve OctoPrint. I expect your pull request :blush: